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10 Packing Tips for Cheerio

Summer is almost here, and as you get ready for your trip up the mountain, you might ask yourself, “What should I pack?”

Here are ten packing tips to help you get ready for a summer full of fun, activity, and adventure at Camp Cheerio!

  1. Flashlight time - You can’t have Flashlight Time without a flashlight! Each night, our campers get the chance to calm their minds with some quiet time to read, write letters, work on their friendship bracelet, or whatever helps them prepare for a restful night. The best type of flashlight to bring for this time is either a headlamp or a book light so your hands are free to hold your book, write, color, etc.
  2. Bedding on the top - Many of us have made the mistake of packing our bedding on the bottom of our trunks. Then, when it’s time to make our bed on Opening Day, we have to dig through all of our perfectly folded t-shirts to reach our sheets, then reorganize everything. Keep it organized by packing your bedding on the top of your trunk or even in a separate bag so it’s easy to reach on Opening Day.
  3. Socks, socks, and more socks - The weather can be unpredictable when you’re living on a mountaintop. Make sure to bring enough socks to survive the surprise showers.
  4. Silly stuff - At Camp Cheerio, we LOVE to dress up! If you have any costumes or fun accessories, we would love to see them during Cookout, skits, or at any time of the day. Dress to impress!
  5. Pre-planned outfits - Time at Camp moves quickly, and we like to spend as much time as possible doing memorable, meaningful activities. To save time for what matters, we suggest packing your clothes with your outfits pre-planned. Then, include some extra shirts and shorts for Evening Programs and midday changes. This is especially helpful for the younger campers and those who struggle with deciding what to wear.
  6. Rest Period box - Rest Period is necessary to help us prepare for all the excitement that happens in the second half of the camp day. While many staff and campers choose to nap during Rest Period, others like to recharge in different ways. Whatever you like to do, put those items together in a small bin or box. Then, you won’t wake up your cabinmates by searching through your trunk to find your book, lanyard, or stationary during the middle of Rest Period.
  7. Pictures from home - Your bunk is always more cozy when you are surrounded by pictures of the people you love! Bring some photos of your family, friends, pets, or whatever makes you feel at home. You can either tape them to the wall next to your bed, the bunk above you, or the lid of your trunk.
  8. Waterproof shoes - Mornings at Camp Cheerio are beautiful with the birds chirping, the sun peeking out just above the trees, and the grass shining with dew. Damp feet, however, are not beautiful. Make sure to bring some waterproof shoes like Chacos, Crocs, or Keens so you can enjoy the morning walk to breakfast without the distraction of wet feet from the dewy grass.
  9. Leave a little space - Belongings seem to have a tendency to expand in your trunk while you are at camp. When things are no longer folded and neatly arranged, packing everything back together can be tricky. Make sure to leave a little space so everything can still fit even when the organization is long gone.
  10. Sharpie vs. Lost and Found - Our counselors try their best to make sure you return home with everything you packed, but things get especially difficult when you and your bunkmate have the exact same Birkenstocks or towel. That’s when a Sharpie saves the day! We suggest writing your name or initials on as many of your belongings as possible.

No matter what you decide to bring to Camp, make sure to leave room for all of the friendships and mountaintop memories you’ll take home!