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Cheerio, everyone! Our first full camp day of the week was packed with fun, sunshine, and smiles! We had a breakfast of biscuits, eggs, and bacon, after which every camper helped pitch in to clean up their cabin in hopes of winning the coveted title of honor cabin! Today’s “honor cabins”(cleanest cabin in camp) were Commanche and Apache. Then, campers got to experience their first round of activities, from riding, to the lake slide, to sports like basketball or lacrosse.

After a busy day, the camp came together for a game of spy hunter, where three teams of red, blue, and white competed to decode secret messages and squirt opposing teams with a water gun. The red team emerged the winners of spy hunter! It was a close game!

We danced together and got some snacks at store, playing all sorts of games in the field like 9 square and Twister. We ended the night by going to Vespers for an inspiring campwide devotion. Tomorrow is sure to be another day jammed with excitement!