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Hip Hip Hooray for a brand new session! We were so excited to see all our campers, both new and old, when we kicked off this week’s session with a loud, enegetic cookout! Everyone participated in the “crazy cookout” by wearing costumes, styling their hair in unique ways, or just getting up and dancing! We had delicious hotdogs, chips, oreos, and plenty of sweet tea!

After eating, we played a campwide game called Counselor Hunt, where one counselor from each cabin dressed up as a character and hid throughout camp. As the campers looked for the counselors to rack up points, they got to tour the camp grounds and meet their cabin mates! After we had danced till we dropped, we headed over to our Vespers area, which is the camp church. We shared a message about the many good qualities that make up an ideal Cheerio Camper, then parted ways for the night. It’s sure to be a full day tomorrow!