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Hello to our Cheerio Community! Opening day was a blast today for all of our 1G campers; we are so excited finally have kids back at Camp! Once all of our campers were settled in, it was time to start the fun with a delicous cookout that included hot dogs, chips, oreos, and fresh lemonade! Campers were able to dress up in all of their craziest clothes and dance their hearts out during the meal.

After cookout, we had a thrilling game of counselor hunt in which cabins were able to compete head-to-head to see who could find the most counselors. Cree and Lakota were our winners of the day! Following counselor hunt, campers lived it up at store time, where they chose a drink and snack to enjoy while they danced and played games with their cabin mates. We ended the day on a meaningful note with a vespers ceremony meant to welcome everyone to Camp. Be sure to check out camper photos and tune in tomorrow night for more updates!