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Cheerio, everyone! We are so excited to finally have a full session of campers (and CITs!) with us up on the mountaintop! We worked hard to beat the heat today while campers got to know their counselors and cabin mates. After each cabin got their picture taken, took a dip in the pool for their swim test, and chowed down on delicious hotdogs at our camp-wide cookout, we played the day’s evening program — Counselor Hunt!

All the senior counselors dressed up as various characters and hid throughout the camp, giving the campers the oppurtunity to run together and explore everything camp has to offer at the same time. In the end, Hatteras and Seminole emerged the winners of the game!

After having a treat and dancing the night away at Store, campers made their way to Vespers, our camp church, where we performed our opening ceremony to start out our week of camp with a positive message about the virtues we want our campers to exhibit and learn here. It was a great day, and our first full day tomorrow is bound to be even better!