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Our first two-week session of the summer, 4G, began today! We were hit with a bit of rain and fog, but we continued on undeterred, even enjoying the cooler weather. Campers all moved into their cabins and got to know their counsolers and cabinmates. Then, we all gathered around for a cookout with hotdogs, chips, lemonade, and oreos! No amount of fog could dull the smiles of our campers as we danced and laughed.

After eating, we played a game called Counsoler Hunt, where campers toured around camp looking for their senior counsolers, who were hiding in many different locations, wearing various costumes. After the game concluded, we had our first “Store” of the session, a time during camp when campers can choose candy or ice cream and enjoy their treats out in the field with their new friends! After an exciting day, we all headed over to our Vespers area – our camp church. We held our opening ceremony there, giving every camper a positive message about the type of people we want to encourage them to be at camp.

We’re so excited for a long session of fun! Hopefully we’ll have sunny skies tomorrow as we head out to activities!