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Greetings from Camp Cheerio!

We had a bit of an exciting morning today with a bout of unexpected rain, but we marched out to breakfast regardless and enjoyed some muffins and cereal. Though the rain continued through the first activity period, it let up shortly after and activities were able to continue as planned. Everyone was glad to see the sun!

We had meatball subs for lunch, and Comanche, Choctaw, Maricopa, Lakota, and Wichita were crowned honor cabins for today, with the cleanest cabins in camp! We all took an hour of quiet time to recharge and rest, then we were back out in the sun for activities!

Following a delicious dinner of chicken pot pie, we headed outside for an exciting camp-wide evening program: Spy Hunter. Campers ran around from location to location, toting water guns and clues in a race to get the most points for their team. In the end, the blue team won! It was a great night, and we’ll do our best to stay dry tomorrow!