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Cheerio, everyone! It was a sunny, fun-filled day up here at camp! We started the day with delicious cinnamon rolls, then headed out for our second day of activities. Campers got to try all sorts of things, from archery to canoeing to field hockey. We had meatball subs and sweet potato fries for lunch. After lunch, Cheyenne, Croatan, Apache, Shoshone, and Iroquois were announced as the honor cabins for the day! Congratulations to all those campers for doing such a great job cleaning up!

After a busy afternoon, we all gathered to play an evening program that’s a camp favorite: Spy Hunter! It was a close game, but in the end, the blue team emerged victorious! We sang and feasted on ice cream at Store, then shared another devotional together at Vespers. Campers are excited for the week to continue, and we can’t wait to have a blast tomorrow!