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Hello from the mountain top! It was a little warmer and sunnier today, but the weather didn’t chase the fun away! We all kept well-hydrated as we had another busy day of activities. Our last year campers were out on a ten mile hike to Stone Mountain today. Upon their arrival back to camp, they ran up the hill and jumped together into the pool!

Following a busy day, we held a cookout with BBQ brisket, coleslaw, and baked beans. After that, we all gathered around for Campfire, a special event in the middle of the week where each cabin prepares a skit to perform for the rest of camp. We had participated in “Tillies”, a time during camp where we exchange little gifts with each other, like a campwide game of secret Santa. We shared a lot of laughs and smiles before turning in for the night, excited for another day of camp tomorrow!