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Today was the day that the River staff has been waiting on - our FIRST OPENING DAY for Cheerio on the New River! The gates opened for campers after being closed for two years and we welcomed our first session for the Summer of 2022. Following tradition, we enjoyed a cookout under the Austin Lodge porch with a spread of hotdogs, hamburgers, baked beans, salad, watermelon and topping it off with some old fashioned Oreos! The tables were filled with the laughter of campers and excitement for what the evening had in store for them. Drum roll for evening program… Camp Tour with a twist! Cabins collaborated and ran from one end of camp to the other answering clues, completing challenges as a group and earning points along the way. In the end, it was Stone Mountain and Hoffman Mountain taking the win for the night. Our counselors, staff and Director Jim concluded our night with an Opening Ceremony in our Vespers area welcoming everyone into Camp and sharing the values that we uphold as Cheerio. The sunset over the river created a magical backdrop. Off to showers and cabin devotions we go… Our hearts are full as the night ends and we are excited to see what adventures this week will bring! “So I walk down to the river Where the troubles, they can't find me Let the waters there remind me The sun will be there when we wake I walk down to the river Though I might not understand it It's not always as we planned it But we grow stronger when we break So I walk down to the river.” -Josh Groban