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It was a great day here at Camp Cheerio! We had a delicious breakfast of chicken biscuts, a camp favorite, and then, armed with our sunscreen and water bottles, we took the day on and headed out to activities! Things got extra special at some activities, as campers at the climbing walls pulled out the sidewalk chalk and decorated as they climbed while campers in Rocketry participated in an intense egg drop competition! We had corn dogs and mac n cheese for lunch. Comanche, Cheyenne, Apache, Blackfoot, and Sequoia took home honor cabin for the day! Congratulations to those hardworking campers!

This evening, we played an exciting game of Porchmate Showdown, where cabins competed against their “porchmates” in various games, from connect 4 relays, hula hoop contests, to jousting with pool noodles! We shared a message at Vespers, then headed back to our cabins after a busy day. Tomorrow is sure to be just as good!