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Despite a bit of rain this morning, we were so excited to see new campers arrive up on the mountain today! After everyone got to know their cabins, we kicked off the session with a hot dog cookout, where all our campers dressed up in their silliest outfits to celebrate. There were chips, oreos, and plenty of lemonade to go around. After eating, we played a game of Counsoler Hunt, a hide-and-seek type game where cabins race around camp to find counsolers, who were dressed up as various characters. The cabins with the most points at the end of the game were Shoeshone and Seminole!

After the game, we had Store, a time where we gather in the gym and every camper gets to chose a drink and a snack. Then, we play music and dance the night away! We all had a great time out on the hill with our snacks, but before long, we were wrapping it up and heading over to our Vespers area for a special opening ceremony. Our Senior Counsolers read out a list of virtues that every Cheerio camper should strive to embody, and then we all turned in for the night, ready for an exciting week!