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A very happy TOJ to all who celebrate!

To those new to Cheerio, TOJ is the Third of July celebration, essentially Forth of July a day early. This year, TOJ happened to fall on Sunday, which meant that our patriotic festivities followed the first offical Cheerio Olympics of the Summer! Campers split off into five teams: white, blue, red, yellow, and green, and all chose activities in a campwide relay race. These stations ranged from swimming, to canoeing, to archery, to the climatic final stretch, where the last camper on each team raced to blow up a balloon and pop it by sitting on it at the flagpole. It was a close race, but in the end, the green team was the winner!

After Olympics concluded, we all changed into our red, white, and blue attire, and each porch worked on painting a banner to represent their two cabins! After a cookout with BBQ, chips, and delicous American flag cake, these banners were shown off proudly in a parade. Following that, each porch presented a TOJ themed skit, then we all retired to the hill to hear a presentation of our nation’s history, as well as some songs sung by our counselors. At the very end of the night, we all watched a stunning display of fireworks! It may have been our busiest day of the summer, but also one of our most fun and exciting days!