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Today was our final day of normal activity rotations here at camp. While campers enjoyed their time in their chosen classes, our CREW campers spent the morning undertaking a ten mile hike to Stone Mountain! They arrived back at camp right after rest period and took a victorious jump in the pool! For lunch, we all had a camp favorite – corn dogs and mac n cheese. Our honor cabins for today were Croatan, Choctaw, Maricopa and Navajo.

When evening came, we all headed to the upper athletic field to play a game of Thrive, a spin on capture the flag where teams compete for points by capturing flags from the opposite side of the field, chucking water balloons at “queens”, and searching for watermelons in the woods. At the end of the game, the Blue team won!

It was a long, fun-filled day, and we ended it with a special presentation from our last year campers, where they hosted Vespers by talking about what Camp Cheerio has meant to them throughout the years.