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Cheerio, all! Today was the last full day of camp for 2C, and we’re all so sad that it’s almost over! We started the morning with a campwide game of Predator-Prey! Campers hide around camp and searched for “resources”. After some cabin time, we had a cookout with burgers, chips, and lots of watermelon!

After a long period of open activites, we had a nice dinner and listened to our senior counsolers sing to us. Then, we went to the gym and watched campers who participated in performance classes show the camp what they’d be working on these past weeks. Then, Catawba and Hatteras were announced as the honor cabins for the session! Congratulations to all those campers for their hard work at cabin clean up!

We ended the night with a closing ceremony, where we reflected on the values we learned at camp and announced our honor campers for each cabin. It’s been an amazing session, and we wish all these great kids a great rest of their summer!