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Today was another fun day of activities for our campers! Campers got to try entirely new things today all around camp, traversing the high ropes courses, trying their hands in mini golf, or cooling off in the lake. We had delicious meatball subs for lunch, and the honor cabins for today were Blackfoot, Hatteras, and Tuscarora.

After more activities and some time with cabins, we played our evening program for the day, a camp favorite where campers decode clues and spray their competitors with water guns: Spy Hunter! The game was intense, and the score was quite close in the end, but the white time was the winner! We had store, played some games in the field such as Gaga ball and 9-square, then headed to our Vespers area for our nightly devotion.

Campers will get to return to their first activites tomorrow and get even more out of what camp has to offer! The week is going fantastic, and tomorrow is sure to be another great day!