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What a day we had today! Following a wonderful breakfast of cinnamon rolls, we returned to activities, continuing to find new ways to enjoy camp! While Rocketry learned how to make homeade ice cream, Riding held horses races! It was certainly a busy day! At lunch, it was announced that Tuscarora, Shoeshone, Choctaw, and Catawba were the honor cabins for the day.

After having a hotdog cook-in due to thunderstorms, we ran to the gym to stay dry, then participated in a special two-week-session-exclusive evening program: Cheerio Idol! Every porch rehearshed a dance to a song and performed for the entire camp. So much talent was displayed tonight, and in the end, the judges crowned Pawnee-Seminole the winners! After the activity concluded, we exited the gym to find a bright double rainbow stretching over the mountain, one last glimpse of beauty before the sun went down and we headed off to bed.