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Cheerio everyone! Today our campers were able to have another amazing day in their activities! We started off the day with a breakfast of pancakes! Our last year campers then headed out for the ten-mile CREW hike! We had some beautiful weather today, which made for a great day of climbing, soccer, tennis, and more! Unfortunately our last year campers missed out on our lunch of chicken tenders, which is a camper favorite! Luckily our last year campers got to eat sandwiches atop Stone Mountain!

At the end of rest period our last year campers arrived back to camp after their long trek! They all got to jump in the pool to cool off, and then headed off for a long nap! Meanwhile, the rest of camp continued on in activities! Some campers were down by the lake catching fish, while others had some fun in the sun playing dodgeball with water balloons!

We headed off to a delicious cookout! We all danced around, and got to hangout with our porchmates! Next, we went to skit night where the porches and staff performed skits they had practiced during cabin time.

It was another great day at Camp Cheerio!