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Cheerio, everyone! Today was the last full day of 4C, and it was a perfect way to end a perfect session! After starting the morning with some french toast, we played Predator-Prey! Campers chased and tagged each other while collecting “resources” of food, water, and shelter. The winner for the flea team was Apache, the winner for the Spiders was Navajo, and the winner for the snakes was Mohican.

Following the game, we gathered together for one last cookout with burgers and watermelon to share! Cabins intermingled and socialized before we all headed to the gym to watch camper enrolled in performance activities show what they learned to the entire camp. When the sun went down, we walked down to the lake for our closing ceremony. We honored first year campers, last year campers, milestone campers, and an honor camper from each cabin. It was a great session, and we can only hope each and every camper had the time of their life!