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Cheerio, everyone! Today was our first day of activites here at camp, and it was a fun one! We started the day with a breakfast of eggs and biscuits, then went straight to our activities! Campers did all sorts of things around camp, like rifelry, horse riding, and various field sports. At lunch, we announced cabin clean up scores, and Mohawk, Sioux, and Cree were the cabins with the highest scores today. Congrats to all those hardworking campers!

This evening, after a dinner of tacos, we played an intense game of Porchmate Showdown, where cabins participated in a series of short competitions, like connect 4 relay, speed Jenga, and a hulu hoop race. We had lots of fun playing, and we all walked away winners! We ended the night with Store and Vespers. It’s sure to be another great day tomorrow!