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Cheerio, everyone! We had our first day of activities today, and it was awesome! We started out the day with biscuits, bacon, eggs, and grits. It filled us up for cabin clean-up. Next, we headed out to our activties! This morning we climbed the climbing walls, high ropes, and vertical playpen. After a fun-filled morning we headed into lunch, where we found out that Navajo, Blackfoot, and Powhatan were our cabin clean-up honor cabins for the day!

In the afternoon, we played soccer, jumped in the lake, and made fun creations in arts and crafts! Next, we went to cabin-time where we got to spend some quality bonding time with our cabinmates. After a delicious chicken fajita dinner we went to our camp-wide evening program: Porchmate Showdown! In this evening program, cabins compete against their porchmate in a series of team-based games. At the edn of the day, we got to spend some more time together at store, where we danced our hearts out!

We can’t wait for another great day tomorrow!