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It was another excellent day at camp! Campers enjoyed their second day of activities today, trying completely new things from sports in the field, to high ropes, to kayaking. For lunch, we made sandwiches, and the honor cabins who won cabin clean up today were Sioux, Powhatan, Navajo, Mohican, Occaneechi, Chippewa, and Lakota. Congratulations to all those hardworking campers!

Later this evening, after a wonderful meal of lasagna, we played a special evening program: Spy Hunter! Campers decoded clues and shot water guns at opposing teams, running all around camp. It was a very close game, but in the end, the blue team was the winner! We had Store, and after a lot of snacking, singing, and dancing, we went to Vespers, where we had a devotion about prioitizing the important things in life. It was a busy day, and we all can’t wait to continue our activities tomorrow!