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Today was another hot one! After a delicious pancakes of french toast, campers headed out to their activities. It was an exciting day for sure, as campers went riding on the trail and campers signed up for rocketry had their launch day! We had delicious chicken tenders for lunch, followed by lots of fun at the pool and lake this afternoon, with campers beating the heat in the cool water.

Then after that, campers headed back to their cabins to prepare skits to peform at the night’s evening program – campfire! The skits were full of energy, and lots of talent was showcased. We were laughing the whole evening until the sun went down! Then, instead of heading back to their cabins for the night, campers had a special opportunity to take their sleeping bags and spend a night under the stars. It’s the last day of activites tomorrow, and it’s sure to be a great one!