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Today was another exciting day of camp! After a delicious pancake breakfast, campers went all around camp to activities, while our last year campers embarked on the 10 Mile CREW Hike to Stone Mountain! They all worked hard and hurried back to camp to beat a brewing storm. So proud of all our last year campers! For lunch, we had chicken tenders and onion rings, and the honor cabins for today were Powhatan, Comanche, Apache, Cree, Yavapai, Chippewa, and Lakota.

For dinner, we had a cookout with plenty of BBQ to go around! Campers had a great time eating, chatting, and dancing along to the music. When evening came around, camper collaborated with their cabin’s porchmates to create creative and humorous skits to share with everyone at the night’s evening program: Campfire! So much talent was showcased, and we were all laughing the night away. Tomorrow is our last normal day of activities, so we’ll all strive to make it count!