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Monday 1G 6/5/23

What a great first full day of camp, the fog didnt slow us down one bit! After pancakes and sausage for breakfast, we were off to our morning activties. We had a full morning of climbing, swimming, arts and crafts, and more, which made us very hunrgy for lunch- chicken patties and curly fries! We cheered for our first cabin clean up winners of the summer, Powhatan and Blackfoot!

After afternoon activties, we ate tacos for dinner, and changed into our team colors for tonights evening program- Spy Hunter! Everyone had a blast and the red team won! We ended the evening by sitting with our cabins at store and dancing to the music in the gym. The Wichita cabin put on a lovely vespers for us to close out the night. We are so thankful for a great start to the summer, and are excited about what the rest of this week brings!