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Tuesday 1G 6/6/23

Happy Tuesday everyone! This morning started out great with the sun shining and a lovely Morning Watch from the Powhatan cabin! They talked about showing thankfulness, and we are definitely all thankful to be up here at Camp Cheerio! For breakfast we had some delicious muffins and cereal before we started our morning activities. Lunch was chicken tenders and onion rings, a camp favorite, and the honor cabin for today was Blackfoot! It was so fun to watch the counselors dance around as everyone cheered.

At the end of lunch there was a strange guest who said his name was Dr. Ominous. He claimed to be a mad scientist who could only be stopped by the power of laughter and challenged all of our campers to come up with a funny skit to perform at tonights evening program: Campfire!

After some rest and afternoon activities, all our campers spent cabin time working with their porches on a funny skit/dance to perform for the camp! Dinner was a delicious bbq cookout that we enjoyed outside and listened to music. Campfire was a hit and and it was so fun watching everyone up on stage!

We can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings!