A wonderful first full day at the River! Despite a little bit of rain, the sun came out and so did many many smiles on the campers faces!

We had pancakes and bacon for breakfast, meatball subs for lunch, and barbecue chicken for dinner. Each meal was scrumptious and the campers loved all the dessert creations Thom made.

Every day we have a cabin clean-up competition. Today, Hoffman Mountain got first place, called the “honor llamas.” Stone Mountain was the lowest placement, the “dirty ducks” for the day.

Campers took place in mountain biking, hiking, arts/crafts, boating, archery, guitars, athletics, and frisbee throughout the day. Tonight we played a camp-wide evening program of CASTLE BALL. The blue team won the first two rounds and then counselors beat the campers in the last round.

We ended the day with a vespers done by the Pine Mountain cabin with a beautiful view of the river in the background. Campers are super excited for the River canoe trip tomorrow!!!