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Target Sports

Safety is of the utmost importance in all of Camp Cheerio’s target sports.

Our vigilant staff members are thoroughly trained in safety procedures and risk management, campers are given strict safety guidelines which must be adhered to at all times, and all participants wear appropriate safety gear when shooting. Campers in all target sports classes learn proper shooting techniques and our target ranges are all covered which allows classes to take place even in inclement weather.

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Bows and arrows have been a part of Cheerio since the beginning, and archery is still as popular as ever. Anyone can shoot, but it takes a steady hand to hit the bulls-eye.

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Thousands of BBs are fired every day at the Cheerio BB range. How many of yours will find their target?

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Ages 10 and Up

Single-shot .22 caliber rifles are the firearms of choice at the Camp Cheerio riflery range. Official targets offer a challenge to marksmen of all skill levels.

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Ages 12 and Up

Is a stationary target too easy for you? Grab one of our 20-gauge shotguns and try to bring down a clay pigeon.