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Camp Cheerio Employment

Do you have a desire to make a difference in a child’s life? Here is your opportunity! Cheerio strives to make each camper’s experience the most magical week of his or her year. Campers choose to return to their “Home Away from Home” at Camp Cheerio because our staff nurture friendship, excitement, and a sense of belonging to each child. At Cheerio we focus on relationships, with our campers, with each other, and with God. Through these relationships, we build an encouraging and positive environment that allows every camper and member of our staff to grow personally in many ways.

As a staff member, you will learn to manage a cabin of campers, provide friendships to a diverse group of campers and staff, and create your own relationships and memories that will truly last a lifetime. It is impossible to experience Camp each day together and not develop an unbreakable and unforgettable bond with your co-workers. You will prove to yourself you are able to exceed physical, emotional, and mental boundaries in which you thought you had. Additionally, you will enjoy life without a screen in front of you. Creating face to face relationships, away from the filters of social media and worldly distractions, allows for pure and unconditional friendships to be formed. You will walk away at the end of your time as a Cheerio staff feeling proud in knowing that you truly did make a difference in many lives.

Cheerio On The New River

Cheerio on the New River is nestled on 150 acres surrounded by riverfront in the Mouth of Wilson, VA. We offer week long sessions guided by a coed staff with a maximum of 40 campers per session. Our goal is to expose campers to the natural beauty of the great outdoors in a challenging, fun, and memorable camp experience. We are dedicated to helping campers build a lifetime of love for the outdoors.

The caliber of staff is an important aspect of a quality camping program. Our staff come from many walks of life, but have the commonality of love of youth, the outdoors and teaching outdoor skills. Cheerio on the New River staff are chosen with care and are trained and experienced in the activities they teach and lead. All of our staff will be certified in American Red Cross CPR and Wilderness First Aid. In addition, most of the staff will be certified as “Instructor” by the American Canoe Association. We are looking for applicants who are passionate about working with children and have a love and appreciation for the outdoors.

All applicants undergo an interview process. We will also collect three to four references and complete a background check. Our goal is not only to find out if you are the best fit for camp, but also to ensure that Cheerio on the New River is the best fit for you. Working with us will be one of the most rewarding, challenging, and enjoyable ways to spend your summer!



Staff Training: May 30th - June 3rd 2023 Girls Camp: June 4th - July 9th 2023 Coed Camp: July 8th - August 18th 2023


Staff Training: May 22nd - June 10th 2023 First Half: June 11th - July 8th 2023 Second Half: July 9th - August 12th 2023

Both Camps have Full Summer Options