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What to Pack

A complete packing list of items your child should bring to camp is located in your CampInTouch account under Forms and Documents.

You can also look below and find a printable version. The list includes the minimum number of recommended items for a 1-WEEK SESSION. Please double the amount of clothing for a 2-week session. If you are staying multiple 1-week sessions laundry services will be available.

All clothes brought to camp should be comfortable, easy to move in, and ok to get dirty. Please do not bring nice or expensive clothes to camp. We recommend that campers pack in a footlocker, but a large suitcase will also work. Whatever you decide to pack in, please be sure that it is less than 16 inches tall as this will allow it to fit underneath your child’s bunk and leave plenty of floor space for everyone to move inside the cabin. All items should be marked with your child’s name. This will help us to return any lost and found promptly.

Since campers get dirty and wet, we recommend children bring old play clothes (they can more easily recognize old clothes as their own); new clothes are best left at home. Anything brought to camp should have your child’s name on it. You may sew on or iron on name tapes, or use a laundry marking pen. Wet feet are no fun at camp - please be sure to send extra shoes and socks!

What should not be brought to camp?

“Good clothes” and jewelry can easily get ruined or lost and should stay at home. Please do not let your campers bring expensive articles or one-of-a-kind items from home. A short list of items not allowed: firearms, knives, water guns, and electronic devices (Walkman, CD player, Game Boy, Game Gear, TV, stereos, cellular phones, or walkie-talkies, etc.). YMCA Camp Cheerio is not responsible for campers’ belongings. Most campers pack their belongings in footlockers.