Allred Dining Hall Gym Swimming Pool Chapel Lake Slide Rope Swing Boardwalk Cheerio Hiking Trail Stables Riding Arena Skeet Range Climbing Tower High Ropes Driving Range Riflery Range Gaga Pit Obstacle Course Tennis Vertical Playpen Archery Upper Athletic Field Lower Athletic Field Disc Golf Short Course Disc Golf Long Course Craft Shack Vespers Area BB Range Water Tower Clubhouse, Mini Golf Lake Kiwanis Spirit Island Closing Ceremony Grounds Boat House Fishing Camp Office Health Hut Occaneechi, Cree, Yavapai, Maricopa (Millis Lodge) Sloan Center Gazebo Cook's Cabin Workshop Maintenance Area Stone Mountain View Comanche, Cheyenne Navajo, Apache Tuscarora, Croatan Hatteras, Mohican Mohawk, Sioux, Cherokee, Powhatann
(Indian Guide Lodge) Lakota, Iroquios, Sequoia, Chippewa, Wichita, Catawba, Pawnee, Seminole (The Biltmore) Shoshone, Blackfoot, Arapahoe, Choctaw (The Hilton)

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Camp Cheerio Traditional is located on 135 acres of beautiful mountaintop land nestled on the east side of the Blue Ridge Parkway, overlooking Stone Mountain. The wonderful facilities at camp include:

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