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Creative Arts

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Arts & Crafts

There’s no wrong way to make art, and Cheerio campers love heading down to the Craft Shack to express their creativity. Favorite projects include lanyards, Perler beads, friendship bracelets, and many more!

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There is plenty of time to belt your lungs out in song at camp but Chorus offers an opportunity to those who really want to hone their craft. Campers will learn from talented staff members how to really wow a crowd and show off those skills at the end of each session!

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Put on your favorite music and get ready to show off your best dance moves! Our counselors draw from a variety of disciplines including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and modern dance to create an experience that is both fun and instructive. Campers will help choreograph an original dance to show off their new skills and perform it for everyone at the end of the session.

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Camp Cheerio’s drama class is the perfect place for children who love the spotlight. Besides learning basic acting techniques, participants in Drama will play a variety of theater games to develop their creativity and improvisation skills. During their time in drama class campers will create and rehearse a unique performance to share with everyone at the end of session.

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From learning basic chords to learning to play radio hits, we cover it all in Guitar. Our talented staff members cater to each participants needs - whether a first time player or a certified rock star. Individualized tips and teaching all cumulates at the end of the session, where each Guitar class performs for camp!

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Legos & Table Games

One of our most popular toys of all time, Legos® are a great way to show off your building skills. Camp Cheerio has thousands of bricks that campers can use to create anything they can imagine. Ping-Pong, Foosball and classic games such as Apples to Apples, Catch Phrase, Monopoly, and even a giant version of Jenga! make Legos & Table Games fun for all ages.

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Newspaper & Drawing

Put your journalistic and artistic skills into action by working on the Camp Cheerio Newspaper. Campers oversee all aspects of creating the paper, from concepts to final printing. Write stories about the latest developments around camp, interview counselors about their Cheerio experiences, draw a cartoon or illustration or take your camera out to snap the perfect photo for the front page.

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5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Blast off! Under the supervision of fully trained staff members, campers will build, decorate, and launch their own model rocket. Will your rocket survive its fiery liftoff and reach the highest altitude in the class?

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Silly Putty and ice cream! What child doesn’t love that combination? Those are just two of the things that campers will create using every day materials. Experiments is the perfect class for young scientists who are curious about the way things work.

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Zumba & Yoga

Nama-stay and dance! This activity gives you the ultimate balance in life: upbeat, energetic dancing one day and calm, zen peacefulness the other.