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Cheerio on the New River

Nestled on 150 acres in Mouth of Wilson, VA, Cheerio on the New River is unique in that we offer a blend of onsite camp activities which fully utilize the New River and the property, while also continuing to offer off-site trip adventures.

Our goal is to expose campers to the natural beauty of the great outdoors in a challenging, fun, and memorable camp experience. We are dedicated to helping your camper build a lifetime of love for the outdoors.


The beauty of having 150 acres surrounded by the New River, it gives campers the opportunity to experience as much adventure as possible without having to leave the camp property! This summer we will be bringing some of the off-site trips back home while also offering our traditional activities.

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Mountain Biking

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Target Sports

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ALL NEW! Tree Climbing

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Orienteering / GPS

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Arts & Crafts

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Outdoor Cooking

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Paddle Boarding

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Fly Fishing / Fishing

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Raft / Boat Building

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Hiking / Backpacking

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Evening Programs

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and more!

Meet Our Staff

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Jim Hussey, Director

Jim joined our Cheerio family in 2004 as a Senior Counselor and Lifeguard and loved it so much that he decided to make this his career. Since his start, Jim has taken on the roles of head counselor, events director, and trip leader prior to joining Cheerio in a full-time capacity. Having worked at both of Cheerios’ locations, Jim is excited to bring knowledge and traditions from both camps to the river as we gear up for the summer!

Outside of camp, you can find Jim out hiking on local trails, riding bikes with friends, Canoeing down various rivers, hanging out with his beautiful wife, or playing with their three dogs (Louise, Graham, and Trout). At camp, you will be able to find Jim working alongside staff to ensure all activities are taught in a safe, fun manner and that each child learns something along the way.

Jim and the other staff work hard to ensure that camp will always be a special place as it allows kids to disconnect from the world of social media and find a connection (and hopefully a love) with the outdoors. They want camp to provide a place where they can be their authentic selves without the fear or worry of being judged.

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Weldon Hussey, Associate Director

Jim’s wife Weldon joined the Cheerio year-round team in May 2021 as the Marketing and Communications Director transitioning to Associate Director in 2022. Known for her passion for a good event, Weldon was in the tradeshow and event industry before coming to Cheerio. She is a graduate of Meredith College earning a degree in Communication.

Splitting their time between Mouth of Wilson, VA and her hometown roots of High Point, NC, when not at the River, you can find Weldon dabbling in creating tablescapes or entertaining her family and friends.

She looks forward to the exciting challenge of giving campers lifelong memories on the New River and making each camp gathering a special event!

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Eric Orcutt, Program Director

Eric Orcutt has been a long-time camper and staff member here at Cheerio. Eric grew up in High Point and has always loved working with children. Originally beginning at the Hartley YMCA as a lifeguard, he quickly became fond of spending his summers throughout college working at Cheerio. After graduating, he spent 4 years being the full-time Activity Development and Training Director at Camp Cheerio. Beginning in January 2024, Eric will be moving into a new full-time role at Cheerio on the New River! He is excited for this new adventure, and hopes to spend many more years working for Cheerio.

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Kiran Orcutt, Personnel Director

Kiran Orcutt has been a staff member here at Cheerio since 2016. She has filled many different roles, from working with our CREW campers to hiring staff as the Personnel Director. As of January 2024 she has moved to work at Cheerio on the New River as the Personnel Director! Kiran is thrilled to have the opportunity to spend more time at one of her favorite places. She cannot wait to be at the River with her husband and their dogs, helping campers and staff create wonderful memories each summer!


“May you give us the strength to climb the highest mountains, the courage to raft the wildest rivers,the ability to overcome any climb or cave. May you protect us from harm throughout all of our adventures, And Keep our mind sound, our bodies healthy, and our spirit alive! Amen” - Adventure Prayer
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