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Camp Cheerio has a full size gymnasium, full-size tennis and volleyball courts, and 2 well maintained athletic fields offer the perfect places to play all the major sports. Options include: Soccer, Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Tennis, and Frisbee Golf & Ultimate Frisbee.

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Golf & Putt-Putt

Camp Cheerio’s covered driving range has 12 tees and features yard-markers, baskets, and other targets to keep campers entertained all class long. Whether you want to practice your stroke or just play for fun, our 18-hole mini-golf course is perfect for campers of all skill levels.

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Cheerleading & Tumbling

Counselors with cheerleading and gymnastics experience are ready and waiting to pass on their skills to the next generation of performers. Turn your Cheerio spirit into an official cheer complete with dance moves, stunts, and tumbling passes. Campers will perform an original routine at the end of the session.

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Between Camp Cheerio’s 135 acres and neighboring Stone Mountain State Park there are plenty of mountain trails to explore. Hiking is a great way to experience the mountains and get to know the local wildlife. Participants in hiking will learn about fire building (and safety!) campsite setup, and basic wilderness identifying skills.

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Need an outlet for some competitiveness but can’t pick just one sport? Athletics is for you! Campers in this class will play camp favorites GaGa Ball and 9 Square as well as other games like Kickball, Monkey Ball, and many others!

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Cross Country

If you love running or are looking to jump start a new habit, there’s no better place for it than the North Carolina mountains! Campers will not only run up and down the roads of Cheerio but also do a little trail running on the paths winding through the woods of camp.