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Camp Life

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Living at Camp Cheerio is one of the most fun things you can imagine.

You’ll be in a beautiful place, surrounded by hundreds of new friends, learning from caring and dedicated counselors, and have the chance to try countless activities that you won’t find at home. The experience is unlike any other, and the memories you make and friendships you build will last a lifetime.

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Your Cabin

At Cheerio your cabin is much more than the building where you sleep; your cabin is your family. Your cabin will consist of you and 11-14 other campers your same age, as well as two counselors and a Counselor-in-Training (CIT.) During your time at camp you’ll live together, eat meals together, and work together to defeat the other cabins in friendly competitions such as Cabin Cleanup and Evening Programs.

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When you arrive at Cheerio you will be able to choose your own activities for the session. From over 30 options, you will choose 10 activities that appeal to you, and that list will be used to create a customized schedule. You’ll have 4 activity periods each day, and your schedule will rotate throughout the week so that you have a total of 8 activities. Activities include horseback riding, swimming, climbing, canoeing, arts & crafts, all the major sports, and much more! For a full list and descriptions of each activity please visit our Activities page.

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Evening Programs

After dinner each night everyone at Cheerio comes together for Evening Program. These games and activities offer a shared experience that bonds all of our campers and counselors together. Some of the games feature teams made up of cabins of varying ages, which offer a unique opportunity for campers both young and old to compete together for a common goal. Visit our Evening Programs page for a more detailed description of some of our favorites.

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Whether it’s in the dining hall or on the field for a cookout, meal times are always a great experience that everyone at camp shares together. Your cabin will have assigned tables in the Dining Hall, and over some great food you and your friends will have the chance to catch up on the day’s activities, sing camp songs, see our staff perform skits, and find out the scores from Cabin Cleanup! Our meals are all freshly prepared and kid friendly, and alternatives are always available for picky eaters and anyone with special dietary needs.

A Typical Day at Camp

Each day at Cheerio is a fun filled adventure. We rise every morning at 7:30, and are back in bed with lights out each night at 10:00. The time between is packed with plenty of games and activities, as well as opportunities for personal growth and bonding with peers. Here is an in-depth look at a typical Cheerio day:

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Flag Raising

Everyone meets at the flagpole each morning to get the day started. Cabins take turns raising the flag and leading the rest of camp in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Morning Watch

Cabins will take turns sharing a short story or presentation with a lesson related to one of our core values. Cheerio’s values include things such as respect, honesty, faith, enthusiasm, friendship, and humility, just to name a few.


Cabin Clean-up

Each morning everyone works together to get their cabins in tip-top shape. Campers will each make their bed, and then take turns cleaning the floors, sinks, showers, toilets, and cubbies, sweeping their porch, and picking up trash around the cabin. After activities start the cabins are inspected and graded, with scores being announced at lunch. The highest scorers earn the title Honor Cabin, while the lowest scorers are labeled Dirty Bill (for a boy’s cabin) or Dirty L’il (for a girl’s cabin) and playfully teased with a traditional camp song.

Activity Periods

There are 4 activity periods each day: 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Campers choose their own activities, but are assigned to do them during a specific period. This lets us keep all classes to a manageable size, and allows us to know where each and every camper is at any point throughout the day. Camper’s schedules alternate every other day, allowing them to take a total of 8 activities during their session. Activity periods each last 1 hour, with 15 minutes between each for campers to return to their cabin and change clothes if necessary.


Rest Period

After lunch all campers and counselors head back to their cabins to relax and recharge before the afternoon activities begin. During this quiet time campers can write letters, read, sleep, or do other quiet activities that do not disturb their resting cabin mates. Rest period is also when we distribute any letters, emails, or care packages.

Cabin Time

After the 4th activity period of the day campers will rejoin their counselors and cabin mates to do one final activity as a group. Options for cabin time include the climbing towers, lake slide, hiking, canoeing, or challenging another cabin to a game of kickball, dodgeball, volleyball, or other group games.


Evening Program

Everyone in camp participates in Evening Program, and it’s a great way to end the day. Many campers say that it is their favorite thing about Cheerio. Some nights evening program is a game that involves lots of running around being crazy, while other nights it’s more calm with cabins presenting skits or costumed counselors hiding around camp waiting to be spotted by the watchful eye of their campers.


At the conclusion of Evening Program cabins will all regroup in the gym and get a snack from the camp store. We’re fully stocked with treats like candy, ice cream, and soda, as well as healthier options such as fresh fruit, pretzels, and water. Campers are limited to two items. This is a great time for campers to get together with their cabin mates and unwind at the end of the day. All snacks at the camp store are included in the camp fee.


Much like Morning Watch, cabins will take turns presenting Vespers each night. It will be another story or moral lesson to calm everyone down and give them something to reflect on as they head back to their cabins.

Cabin Devotions

After showering and brushing their teeth, campers will all sit down with their counselor for devotions. As a group they will debrief the day, share stories of their experiences, or talk more about some of the values that we hope to instill in all Cheerio campers. For many younger cabins, devotions are simple bedtime stories with lessons behind them. For the older campers, devotions are a great bonding experience with their new friends and a chance for personal growth.