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A timeless camp activity on the beautiful Lake Kiwanis! Besides teaching basic strokes, safety procedures, and proper swamping technique, canoe classes include plenty of fun games such as races around Spirit Island, Tennis Ball Tag and Titanic!

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Fully stocked with native freshwater species, Lake Kiwanis is a great place to spend time fishing. Whether you’re an experienced angler or have never baited a hook before you will enjoy honing your skills and pulling fish after fish from the cool mountain water. All fish are returned to the lake unharmed.

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Our Olympic sized swimming pool is heated and comes fully equipped with basketball goals, waterslides, and side-by-side diving boards. The pool is used for freeswim during all 4 activity periods and is also a favorite destination for cabin time. After arriving on Sunday all campers are put through a basic swim test. Although everyone is welcome in the pool, weaker swimmers may be required to wear a life jacket in the deep end and are given a different colored swim band to help our certified lifeguards identify those campers who may need extra attention.

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Fun & Games

When driving into camp it’s hard to miss the big yellow and red slide and rope swings that extend over the lake. Campers always ask when they’ll get to use them- the answer is when you sign up for Fun & Games! In Fun & Games campers have the opportunity to go down the Lake Slide, off the rope swings, as well as other fun land-based games.

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Ages 10 and Up

Paddlers of all skill levels will love kayaking on Lake Kiwanis. After learning the all-important wet-exit, campers take to the water in one of our whitewater kayaks. Although the lake is flat, whitewater boats are faster and more maneuverable than their recreational counterparts and are ideal for the games and races at Cheerio.