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Challenge Sports

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Camp Cheerio has two climbing towers with a total of 14 unique “paths” to challenge climbers of all skill levels. Once you’ve mastered the basics you can try to earn your Climbing Bracelet. You can add to the fun by competing against your friends in a race to the top, try to post the fastest climb-time of the session, or for a REAL challenge try to reach the top while blindfolded!

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High Ropes

Ages 12 and Up

Our recently expanded High Ropes Course is just the thing for thrill seekers who enjoy life above the ground. Elements like the Giant’s Ladder, Raider’s Bridge, Leap of Faith, Hourglass, and Eagle’s Walk make High Ropes a Cheerio experience unlike any other.

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Vertical Playpen

Ages 11 and Up

Ropes, ladders, tires, cargo nets, and other obstacles hang from the top of the Vertical Playpen just waiting to be conquered. Campers must maneuver over, around, and through these and other obstacles if they want to reach the top.

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Backpacking and Hiking

Between Camp Cheerio’s 135 acres and neighboring Stone Mountain State Park there are plenty of mountain trails to explore. Hiking is a great way to experience the mountains and get to know the local wildlife.