The rain can’t stop us! We fit in a full day of activities with only a light drizzle. Tree climbing, boating, archery/hatchets, mountain biking, fishing, frisbee, and more!

We started off the day with a breakfast of pancakes and bacon, the perfect fuel for a morning of fun. Lunch was chicken tenders and loaded hashbrowns - talk about yummy! Dinner was salisbury steak, a new addition to the New River menu, with brownies for dessert. Thom treated us well today in the kitchen.

Hoffman won cabin cleanup today with the highest score by our “cleaning fairy.” They got the title of “Honor Llama” for the day. Pine Mountain was our “Dirty Ducks,” the lowest scoring cabin. Hoffman got to get store first because of their win, with Stone second and Rogers third.

The evening program tonight was Indoor Scavenger Hunt - each cabin piled numerous things together without knowing what the MC would call out to bring up. Pine Mountain won, with the most items of all cabins.

We finished off the night with a vespers from Pine Mountain and dancing at Store.