A wonderful rainy day at the River! We ran activities this morning and afternoon for 3/4 of the camper’s activity periods. Although no canoe trip could be taken today, the revamped schedule was a huge success!

An impromptu dance party happened before lunch as campers travelled to the Austin Lodge for rainy day activities. We danced, sang, and learned energizers - definitely working up our appetites for the grilled cheese and potato soup lunch.

Breakfast was a hearty one - biscuits, eggs, and sausage. Dinner was ravioli with garlic bread and double-chocolate-chip cookies. Thom blessed us again today with numerous warm meals after being in the rain.

Today Pine Mountain jumped from Dirty Duck to Honor Llama. Mount Rogers trailed behind as the dedicated Dirty Duck for the day. Hoffman came in second and Stone in third.

The evening program tonight was CASTLE BALL - camp’s version of dodgeball. The campers were split into blue and red teams. The blue team came out on top in the first two games, with campers beating the staff in the last round.

We finished off our day by listening to Stone Mountain’s vespers in the arts nd crafts pavillion. Cannot wait for another funfilled rainy day tomorrow!