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Sunday 2G 6/11/23

Happy 2G! We could not be more excited for our first full session of the summer! The rain didn’t slow us down one bit! After settling into our cabins and changing into our wackiest outfits, we met in the Dining Hall for a delicious cook-in with hotdogs, chips, and lemonade! We danced and sang around the tables as we got to know our cabin-mates a little bit more. For tonights Evening Program we played Counselor Hunt and searched around camp for our missing counselors. It was fun to explore camp a bit before activities start tomorrow. Congrats to our winners- Croatan and Shoshone! We listened to some Taylor Swift and had a some ice cream during store, before closing the evening with a lovely Opening Ceremony by our senior counselors. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings!