Session 2 is up and running! Super excited to have a new group of campers at the River.

Today was a beautiful sunny day as campers arrived with parents to settle into cabins and meet their counselors. The weather could not have been better as we toured camp, took cabin photos, danced at store, and hung out with our new friends.

Tonight’s dinner was a burger and hotdog cookout made by our awesome chef Thom. Alongside the burgers and dogs, we ate delicious brownies for dessert. At dinner our evening program - Duck Egg Hunt - was announced.

Pine Mountain won Duck Egg Hunt tonight. Each cabin ran around camp and tried to pick up as many rubber ducks as possible without being tagged by another cabin’s water gun.

After evening program, we had store - a time where campers get their choice of a drink and candy/ice cream to end off the night. We danced, played frisbee, volleyball, and chatted with cabinmates as the sun set over the River.

Our night concluded with our opening ceremony that talks about the six virtues we hold dear here at the River. These virtures are humility, friendship, respect, integrity, honesty, and faith.