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Wow what a day at Cheerio! We started off with a lovely morning watch from our Head Counselors and some delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast! Everyone enjoyed the last day of activties and soaked up the sun. For lunch, we had corndogs and mac and cheese, which is a common answer when you ask campers about their favorite camp meal. The afternoon went great and we couldnt ask for better weather- cool and sunny. After chicken pot pie and chocolate chip cookies for dinner, we changed into our team colors and met on the upper atghletic field for tonights Evening Program- Thrive! It was a close game, but ultimately the blue team was crowned the winners. Lastly, our last year campers put on a special vespers service in the Blessing Chapel. The spoke about the friendships they have made at Cheerio and the impact this community has had on them. It was so special to hear how meaningful camp is to these girls. We are excited to see what our last day of camp brings tomorrow, but are sad that our week together is almost over!