Hike day! Our campers climbed into our buses and we traveled about 30 minutes over to Grayson Highlands State Park. Here we completed a 3-3.5 mile hike in around 3 hours, stopping a couple times to learn about the park, eat the lunches we packed, see pretty sights, and just chill. It was a beauitful day for a hike and the campers had a blast.

During the hike, we met with a state park ranger to learn about the ponies at Grayson Highlands - make sure to ask your kiddos about this, it was incredible all that we learned!

We came back to camp for an extended rest period that was much needed after a day in the sun. Cabins then prepared skits for skit night - our Thursday evening program.

Our dinner tonight was “hobos.” This a Cheerio Adventures tradition we are keeping true to here at the River. Each cabin gather around a fire made by leadership staff and put precooked frozen food into tinfoil to then heat up in the fire and eat.

After a dinner around the fire, we began skit night. Each cabin presented their skit with staff skits in between each cabin. It was an amazing night full of tons of laughter and jokes.