Today we had a wonderful day on the river! The younger cabins, Mount Rogers and Stone Mountain, left in the first trip, with the older cabins, Hoffman Mountain and Pine Mountain, following after in kayaks and canoes.

Breakfast was eggs, sausage, and biscuits with gravy. Lunch was a delicious sandwich pack out after the river. Dinner was taco night made by our lovely assitant kitchen chefs - Linda and Aleiya.

Today, Mount Rogers was our Honor Llama and Stone Mountain was the Dirty Duck. The overall cleanup average was higher today with a 95!!!!

The evening program tonight was “Riverfest.” Campers played numerous games around the office field with friends and danced together at Store. This is a fan favorite evening program, and many campers thought this was the best way to end a tiring day on the river.

Stone Mountain presented our Vespers message tonight. All campers are now going to bed, hoping for plenty of rest before a jam-packed day of activites tomorrow!