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Wednesday 2G 6/14/2023

Happy Wednesday! What a busy day at camp. After starting the morning with pancakes and sausage, our C.R.E.W campers were off on their 10 mile hike to Stone Mountain!! What a huge accomplishment and we are so proud of them. Back at camp, morning activities went great! During our daily weather report this morning, Foggy Mountain (our Cheerio weather expert) said that it would be blue skies and sunshine all day long and he was not wrong! Chicken tenders and onion rings were for lunch, which are always a big crowd pleaser. For cabin time everyone spent time coming up with a skit to perform at tonights evening program- Campfire! After cookout for dinner we all met at the CHAMP to watch everyone perform. It was so fun to see all the creative and silly skits everyone came up with. Tonight is campout which is a great time for cabins to spend a little extra time hanging out oustide together. We cant wait for our last day of activities tomorrow and to see what the rest of the week brings!