Another wonderful day! We revamped our usual Wednesday schedule and slept in for a WHOLE 30 minutes. We then started the day with morning watch done by Betsy, our Head Counselor.

This morning we had cabin cleanup and open activites. Tree climbing, arts & crafts, spelio box, board games, hatchetry, and the mudslide were all open. Campers got the chance to hop from activity to activity or just stay at their favorite!

Hoffman won Honor Llama today!!!! Pine was our Dirty Duck with 93.2 points. Mount Rogers came in third and Stone Mountain was a close second to Honor Llama.

Breakfast was crossaints, ham, eggs, and fruit. Lunch was bbq sliders on hawaiian rolls with vanilla cake. Dinner was a yummy spaghetti and meatballs with banana nut muffins for dessert.

We spent sometime hanging out as a camp in the Austin Lodge this afternoon as it rained. Afterward, each cabin planned their own skit for our campwide skitnight evening program.

Stone’s skit was “fractured fairytales,” Rogers created a cool driving scene with awesome classical music in the background, Hoffman’s was “Betsy’s Horror Movie,” lastly Pine showed everyone their nightly cabin rituals. Our amazing MCs - Barnald, Marnald, and Sarnald led the night with hilarious jokes and laughs in between skits.

We ended the night with store and Mount Rogers presented a vespers on making a difference in the lives of those around us.