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Happy to report another sweet day at Cheerio! This morning we started our day with some pancakes and fruit! The weather was announced to be in the 80’s and sunny! As campers went to their morning activities, we sent our last year campers out to go on the C.R.E.W hike (10 miles long)! We gathered for lunch to eat chicken tenders and tater tots with a sweet treat of lemon bars! The Honor Cabins for the day were Sioux, Tuscarora, Hatteras, Choctaw, Chippewa, and Pawnee! As campers rested up for their afternoon activities, the sun stayed high in the sky! C.R.E.W returned from their hike and ran up the green mile out of excitement for a cooling pool jump together! For dinner we had lasagna and rolls! Prospector Pete entered the dining hall to say he needed help gathering gold.. which meant that tonight’s evening program was GOLD RUSH!! It was a fantastic day on the mountaintop!