Our first full day of camp was awesome! Jam-packed with all the activities in full swing, yummy meals, and new friends.

We began the day with waffles, sausage, and fruit for breakfast. Lunch was BBQ sliders on hawaiian rolls, and dinner was spaghetti and meatballs. Our head chef, Thom, has more and more amazing meals like these to come this week!

This morning we did cabin clean-up, to see which cabin could clean and have the best-looking cabin when the “Crazy Frog” comes around. Our HONOR LLAMA was Hoffman Mountain today and our DIRTY DUCK was Mount Rogers with a score of 91.

The Evening Program tonight was Castleball - a huge, vamped-up game of dodgeball on the office field. Everyone was split into two teams - red and blue. The red team came out on top and the staff beat the campers in our final showdown.

Our night ended with some store and a vespers presentation done by the Pine Mountain cabin. Pine challenged the campers to share their differences with others out of love.

Cannot wait for our canoe trip tomorrow!