Welcome to Cheerio on the New River! We are so so excited for session 6!

Check in went smooth today as campers met their counselors, got settled in, and said their goodbyes to parents. This afternoon was spent hanging out with new cabinmates (that will soon be their best friends).

Dinner tonight was a classic Sunday cookout with burgers and hotdogs. We ate outside at our Austin Lodge and listened to some fun tunes.

The Evening Program was Duck Hunt. Campers ran around with half of their cabin and one counselor to see what group could find the most hidden rubber ducks around camp. There were over 400 ducks hidden and 12 large ducks that were worth more points.

We ended the night with a snack and drink at store, then a transition into our Opening Ceremony at the Vespers Chapel.

Cannot wait for this week to really kick off tomorrow!