Happy Session 5! We are so excited to have this new group of kids here and start our 5th week of the 2023 Summer!

Campers got all moved in, met their counselors and cabinmates, went on camp tours, took cabin photos, and chilled this afternoon. Then we went to our classic first-night cookout and ate some yummy hotdogs and hamburgers with cookies for dessert.

After dinner, we did Indoor Scavenger Hunt for our evening program. Each cabin brought tons of random items and our MCs - Marnald and WilBert - called out their list to see if the cabins brought an item like that. Each item was worth one point, except for the bonus rounds :) Stone Mountain came out on top tonight and got to get store first.

We all hung out at the office field while eating our store, playing frisbee, and spinning the wet wheel. Our night ended with opening ceremony at the Austin Lodge where our counselors explained the values we hold dear at Cheerio. These are joy, faith, friendship, integrity, respect, and humility.

Now time for bed to get rested up before our awesome week ahead!